About us


"Wow, my favorite store!
I bought my cowboys cuts, my coat jeans, my belt and my buckle, my hat and many others
My father also goes! Awsome! "

"My favorite place! the owners are super friendly, lots of choices and if you need something and they do not have it, well they will do what it need to get it."

"Superb shop and lots of beautiful things for horseback riding"

"This is the best place, I love it"

"My favorite shop, full of stock. Lots of choice. Diversified and never the same, so always full of surprises, and the employees are super friendly!

Our Story

Welcome to Village Western. Village Western opened its doors in 1993. We are a family run business and serve our customers with great care and respect. We take pride in our customer service and in the quality of the products that we sell. Our spacious store, located in Laval, Quebec, with it’s vast inventory varying from saddles to watches to a large selection of apparel, is sure to please you. From rodeo to dressage and everything in between, you are sure to find it at Village Western. So come, visit us and be part of the family.


Meet Our Work Team