Shipping policy


1. The boutique Village Western ships purchased items all across Canada and United States.
2. Shipping and handling charges are added to any purchase on this site.
3. There may be additional charges for delivery in a province other than Quebec and in remote areas. We will notify you of the amount if this is the case.
4. Additional shipping and handling charges are added to shipments to the US and will be charged to you when processing your order. You can make the payment by phone using your credit card.
5. The order will be prepared and shipped once the payment has been confirmed.
6. The boutique Village Western reserves the right to add additional handling and delivery charges if the delivery process requires more than one action due to incorrect information provided by the customer or changes in the order. We will notify you before shipping.
7. The handling costs are applied per order. If you add a second order to a shipment that is already being processed, these charges will apply.
8. Each order will be evaluated. Additional fees may be added if high costs apply. We will notify you of the amount.
9. Training sticks, riding crops, chambers, hat boxes and other objects of large size or length, difficult to pack or heavy, as well as any object requiring higher delivery charges, will be subject to a specific evaluation. The customer will be notified of any additional charges.
10. We typically use accelerated Canada Post services (3-4 days). You should then receive your order within a reasonable time. This has the advantage of allowing you to retrieve your package easily, quickly and close to home in Canada. We ask for your signature upon reception but we appreciate that you confirm the reception.
11. You can request a faster delivery by notifying us by email or telephone when ordering. Additional charges will apply. We will notify you the amount and you can make your payment by phone with a credit card.
12. The boutique Village Western does everything in its power to deliver your order as soon as possible. We usually process your order within 48 hours of confirmed payment of all amounts and fees. Allow 1 to 6 weeks for reception of your package, and keep us informed every week and when you do receive your order. Thus, we can act quickly if there is undue delay or if the item is broken. Your collaboration is greatly appreciated and makes your experience more enjoyable.
13. We will notify you if we anticipate or experience unforeseen delays beyond our control. The boutique Village Western is not responsible for shipping delays and breakages beyond its control. We will do our utmost to rectify the situation.
14. We do not accept cash on delivery payment (COD payment).


1. The prices displayed on this website are without taxes.
2. Taxes will be added while paying with PayPal.
3. The price of items sold on this web site may differ from those sold in store.
4. Items on sale return to the regular price once the promotion or discount is over.

For orders to be delivered to the United States, customs duties and handling charges will be added. We will notify you of those charges by e-mail. You can then make your payment by phone with a credit card.

The boutique Village Western makes every effort to ensure that the merchandise is in good condition and to publish a description that is as complete as possible.