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2. You should always refer to the manufacturer's instructions. The boutique Village Western is not responsible for the way you use the products or any other item bought from us.
3. Items that are broken or damaged after sale can’t be refunded. See our return policy for any complaints.
4. The boutique Village Western does everything in its power to check the merchandise and sell only items in good condition. However, you are responsible for your purchase. You must communicate with the boutique Village Western of any problem on reception of your parcel.
5. For clothing, you are responsible for ordering the right size. If you are not sure, please refer to the information provided by the manufacturers on their website. We do not guarantee that any ordered garment fits your size, according to any information that we provided.
6. The availability of the various products, clothing, equipment, toys, jewelry and accessories sold on this web site is not guaranteed.
7. We will notify you if we can’t complete your order and / or if the item is out of stock or discontinued. We will refund the total amount of unavailable items, including shipping and handling, as a credit on your card.
8. If an item can’t be shipped to you within two weeks and you do not wish to wait for the delay period specified by the distributor, supplier or manufacturer, we will refund the full amount of the unavailable items including delivery charges and handling, as a credit to your card.
9. If an item is not available in our store, or from the distributor or supplier or manufacturer, the boutique Village Western is not responsible for delay changes. You can always cancel your order if you no longer wish to wait.

1. Books and videos sold on this web site are protected by copyright. The buyer agrees not to distribute, transmit or copy those documents nor any excerpts from them;
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3. The different versions of digital books and videos purchased undergoing breakage or damage after the sale, can not be refunded. See our return policy for any claim.
4. The boutique Village Western company does everything in its power to transmit as quickly as possible the books and videos purchased in the requested version. However, the responsibility for purchasing and receiving the desired product is the buyer’s. You must first ensure that you can effectively receive the requested version of the book or video desired and that it matches the platform that you own or that you can download on your own account the necessary software and equipment to view it. You are thus in agreement and responsible for your choice of document as soon as you make the payment.